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So close but yet so remote. Once again we spent a few nights camping at ¬†North Straddie (as the locals like to call it). The Minjeriba Island provides a ‘world away’ ¬†from the Gold Coast. It’s an hour by road followed by an hour by ferry ride, then a half hour drive from the western shores over to the eastern beach. The eastern beach of the island (main beach camping) where one has to take all provisions along, as there are no facilities, lends itself to a feeling that you are hundreds of miles from the closest town. However looking south along the beach, the high-rises of Surfers Paradise glisten in the morning and late afternoon sun, a reminder that one is a mere few kilometres from a large metropolis, and yet so remote.

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  1. Jezebel September 1, 2016 at 7:51 am #

    Very good broad genre, Peter…not sure which is my favourite! Hard to choose but the one Australian Terrier portrait is quite spectacular.

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