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Kakadu 2017

Having returned from The Kakadu National Park some three weeks ago, my thoughts wander back to the wonderful and truly exciting time I experienced in this ancient and wild place. Kakadu is a wildlife photographers dream with nearly a third of all Australian birds species found here. Along with its strong indigenous culture the land is rich in animals, bird and plant life. Red  lilies and  palms line the billabongs and rivers throughout the wetlands, while herons, storks, ducks, raptors and a multitude of  bird species also thrive in this tropical wetlands ecosystem .

October was warm with little or no rain, but this has its benefits which force most of the wildlife to congregate around waterholes. My days  were taken up with long hours spent alongside these water holes capturing the unique and often dangerous wildlife. Crocodiles are a constant danger and one has to be at all times wary of safe distance from the waters edge. This is their space and one should be respectful of these prehistoric creatures. The invasive buffalo species are also bad tempered just like their African cousins, so they too should be on ones radar.

During my stay I ventured to the very top of the Kakadu National Park- West Alligator Head and camped at Middle Beach. This remote campsite is right on a secluded beach that is well adorned with crocodile bodies baking on the mudflats, dingos and wild pigs strutting the beach and a cacophony of bird sounds emanating from the forests that form the backdrop to this wonderful wild spot. I spent three nights and four days here with not another soul in sight. When travelling up I had to clear away two trees that had fallen over the very rough and corrugated track – a clue that no one had ventured up here in quite some time. I had it all to myself.

The twelve days spent in the Kakadu, I felt was just about the right amount of time to experience just about all the park. Most of this time was spent bush camping. For the less adventurous, there are well-appointed campsites, and if camping is not your thing then three different resorts offer wonderful rooms and there is also a hotel in the main town of Jabiru.

Please take a minute to browse through the images and feel free to drop me a comment.




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Outback 2017

We have just returned from a five week excursion to the outback and beyond. Our trip took in the beautiful Diamantina National Park, Gammon, Flinders and Gawler ranges, all with very unique flora and fauna. I was most pleased with the image capture of the magnificent Wedge-Tailed Eagle and the elusive Southern-Hairy nosed Wombat.  There are still so many wonderful birds and animals still to photograph. Please browse through the latest updated images and feel free to comment.

Thanks for your interest.


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Back to North Stradbroke Island

So close but yet so remote. Once again we spent a few nights camping at ¬†North Straddie (as the locals like to call it). The Minjeriba Island provides a ‘world away’ ¬†from the Gold Coast. It’s an hour by road followed by an hour by ferry ride, then a half hour drive from the western shores over to the eastern beach. The eastern beach of the island (main beach camping) where one has to take all provisions along, as there are no facilities, lends itself to a feeling that you are hundreds of miles from the closest town. However looking south along the beach, the high-rises of Surfers Paradise glisten in the morning and late afternoon sun, a reminder that one is a mere few kilometres from a large metropolis, and yet so remote.

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kalahari 2016

Hi All

It is already a month since I returned from a wonderful trip to Botswana and the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. Two weeks prior, I spent some ten days in the Kruger National Park with family. I will be posting some new images and some fun videos of our journey’s, hope you enjoy them.

Here’s a link to the video. Music by Stereophonic-Dakota. Bought on iTunes.


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North Stradbroke Island

Just spent a wonderful three days on North Stradbroke Island camping amongst the dunes. I was amazed at the array of wildlife that was present, from Sea eagles, Kites, Wallabies, Eastern Grey Kangaroos, a collection of smaller bird species and best of all, the spotting of distant Humpback whales frolicking on the horizon. A great place to spend a few days.

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It’s a Website!

Here is the first blog post for my first photography website.

I hope to bring you trip reports, photos and updates right here.

Thanks for visiting!

– Peter

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